There we go. New site up and running, with a new domain name and a new fancy look. Time to try and write an actual introductory post.

So, hello, my name’s Nils, and I’m the author of the Lost Dogs series of books…

It’s at about now that I realize I should probably create an About Me page for this site, just in case. Something to add to the the menu up top that will tell people a little about me.

That’ll be a task for another day though. For now, here’s a picture of me, followed by a short introduction:

2018-08-31 20.12.05
I’m not a fan of taking selfies.

Full name: Nils Ödlund – but after living abroad for the past twelve years I tend to go by Odlund out of convenience.

I’m originally Swedish, but live these days in Cork, Ireland. I’ve been writing since 2010 or 2011, but it’s not until recently I started getting serious about it. I published my first novella, Emma’s Story, in February 2018, and I began publishing the Lost Dogs series in July the same year.

I’m an active member of the Mythic Scribes fantasy writers’ community, and I’m part of the article team contributing to the site’s weekly blog posts. You can find my articles on writing here.

When I’m not writing I try and get out of the house and get some fresh air. I sometimes put together DJ sets (listen here). I read, and I play computer games.

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