Okay, so, first things first. Here’s the new cover image:

LD4 - LNF - Cover1

Apart from the first book in the series, I’ve not really done much with the covers for the Lost Dogs books. A friend of mine drew the cover image for book #1, and then I used a part of that image for book #2.

Book #3 is an inverted photo of the moon in a forest at night, with some text added on top of it. It’s basic, but it works.

This now, for book #4, is the first time I feel like I’m really trying myself.

I had an idea, I got some stock images, and I tried to create something of my own. It’s nowhere near what I had originally envisioned – rather, it’s quite far from what I imagined – but I’ll roll with it. At least for the time being.

It’s got Alene, the story’s main character, and it’s got the miserable swamp she’s lost in. If you apply some well meaning imagination and look for additional symbolism, you might find it, but that’s purely coincidental (and I’m not referring to the Naked part of the title).

Somewhere down the line, I’d like to hire a professional cover artist and get the entire series redone. That said, I’d also like my friend who did the cover art for book #1 to keep doing covers for the paperback versions. I feel like the cover for book #1 looks a lot better in print than it does on screen.

There’s a lot of things I’d like to do, I guess…

Anyway, Lost Dogs #4 – Lost Naked Furious, is due for release on November 27th. This is not a standalone story, but a direct continuation of book #3. I’d also recommend reading books #1 and #2 first, even if those feature a different main character and a different storyline.

In fact, Lost Dogs #1: Last Fight of the Old Hound, will be available for free the weekend before Lost Naked Furious is released (November 23rd to 25th). It’s a good opportunity to get started on the series.

Finally, here’s the last line of the book’s blurb.


I’m not sharing the full blurb, as it contains spoilers for book #3, which is also why I didn’t put a link to the book itself here in this post. Find it at your own risk.

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