Things have been a bit slow here since Lost Naked Furious went live. I began tinkering with the next part in the series, Silver Skin, but it’s only over the last few days the story has really begun to pick up pace.

Changing my mindset from writing about Alene, to writing about Roy, was more of a challenge than I’d expected. I knew it would be tricky, but not that it’d be this bad. Writing about Alene (and the beast) eventually became rather intense, as she’s a very intense characters. I’m not sure I should go as far as to say she’s emotionally draining to write, but it’s also not entirely wrong.

Alene’s got a lot of aggressive and powerful emotions she’s trying to keep under control, and writing that was a bit rough on me.

Roy, by contrast, is a lot more relaxed. Sure, he too has a temper, and it can flare up, but he’s nowhere near Alene when it comes to rage and intensity. Instead, Roy’s emotions go deep and dark.

At least, that’s how I’ve pictured him while writing about Alene. I looked forward to chilling out with Roy for a bit. It’d be easy. Now that I’m writing a story with him as the main character again, I find it’s not quite that simple. Rather, Roy’s difficult in a different way. He’s a bit of a self-centered jerk – or at least he’s trying real hard to be.

Roy’s goal is very clear. He wants one thing, and he won’t allow anything to get in his way. Only, he’s also a fairly nice guy, and he doesn’t like being a jerk, even when he has to. It’s a difficult balance to get right. I have no idea if I’m hitting the sweet spot, but I guess that’s what beta readers are for.

For now, all I can really do is keep writing and hope for the best.

Also, here are a few quotes from what I wrote this week:

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