Tomorrow is the release day of my new book, Lost Dogs #8: North Into the Past. This one follows Roy, as he and Alene make their way north through the Midlands Union.

To celebrate this, I made the first book in the series available for free, last weekend, and I tried to talk it up a bit on social media. It worked pretty well, and I got a lot of good response from it. Also, the book managed to reach the number 1 spot for English-language books in two of its categories on the German version of Amazon.

I don’t know how that happened, but I know it cheered me up no end. Sure, it only took 17 downloads to get there, so it’s not a massive amount, but still… No one else had more, so it’s gotta count for something, right?

Another thing I did was I posted a picture of the Introduction chapter for the book. It’s a short piece that’s basically designed to explain why the elves are getting shorter by each generation. I shared it on both Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and I got a lot of positive replies on it.

This gave me the idea of sharing the introductory chapters for the other books in the series as well. They’re all short, and they’re rather atmospheric. It might serve to drum up a little extra interest in the books, and it’s fun and easy to do. I’ll do a picture with an excerpt of the text, and then I’ll share the full Introduction here on the blog.

There are currently 8 books out, and if I share one Introduction per week, I’ll have something to post about for about two months, which will hopefully help get me into the habit of blogging again.

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