It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for another Lost Dogs Introduction. This time it’s for the second book in the series, Undeserved Second Chance:

Sun Gan Dun Mansion.


A lush mountainside. Sheets of mist rising from the valley. Sunlight just barely touching the tip of the peak. A sheer cliff overlooking the lake, and at the top of the cliff a grand old mansion and its gardens.

Gleaming marble and well kept lawns. Straight gravel paths and a pond full of luminous gold fish. A great patio at the front of the mansion, and small gazebo on a platform hanging off the edge of the cliff. To sit there with a glass of wine is to sit among the clouds and bask in the glory of the world.

A small stream throws itself over the edge, tumbling down into the valley below, and a narrow path winds it’s way along the mountainside to the village by the little lake below.

Far to the south, between the sheets of mist, you can see the rising sun reflected in the burjs and spires of Tin Jian, and if you stand on the roof and look to the east you’ll catch a glimpse of the sea just past the next valley over.

Few are those who come here, and fewer by far are those who walk the path down to the village. Visitors to the mansion are flown in by air, and they leave that way again. Rarely does anyone set foot outside the wall surrounding the gardens.

Birds sing among trees and roses, and butterflies flutter from flower to flower, but no children run laughing across the lawns, and it’s long since any did. On this morning, like so many before, Sun Gan Dun is a place for quiet contemplation. It’s a place for deep thought and careful reflection.

You come here to escape, to be alone, and to get away from it all. You come here if your mind is troubled, the world too big, and life is slipping through your fingers.

Or you come here when someone wants you away from the public eye for a while.

Sun Gan Dun is where the book starts, and the final two paragraphs are a good indication of how…

If you’re curious about the Introduction to the first book, you’ll find it here.

The second book in the series is a direct continuation of the first one. It picks up perhaps half an hour after book #1 in the series ended, and this is where the story line spanning the rest of the series actually gets started. Here is where the journey begins.

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