It’s Friday, once more. That means it’s time for another Lost Dogs introduction. This time we will learn about the Midlands Union, one of the three largest nations in the world. It’s where the seventh book in the series takes place – as well as the eighth and ninth – so it felt prudent to include a brief description of what kind of place it is.

Here goes.

The Midlands Union.

Rich. Fair. Civilised.

The Union is all three.

The largest nation in the free world. At the centre of everything. A paradise of science and culture, health and safety.

Freedom of faith. Individual rights. Mass connectivity.

The Midlands Union is where it all began, and where it’s all still happening. Where humanity rose united out of the dark ages after the siege of Barkheim. Where the first recorded meeting between humans and dwarves took place, more than three thousand years before the dark ages even began.

Where representatives of the Elven Nation observed, from a distance, how the goddess Anja created the first members of the anfylk race, at a still undisclosed location somewhere in the Gotaalf region.

One way or another, it all comes back to the Midlands, and while the Union is new, the lands themselves are old.

From the glistening white beaches in the east, to the impassable black mountains in the west. Through plains and valleys, forests and meadows. Well tended farmlands and untouched wilderness. Mist covered moors and hillsides in bloom.

It’s all here, it’s got all you need, and you can’t avoid it.

If you’re travelling over land, you can’t get from the north to the south without passing through the Union. Days of travel, even on the fastest of trains, and even without stopping to see the sights.

And why wouldn’t you stop?

There’s so much to see here, and so much to do.

You never just pass through.

That’s it for this time…

 If you’re curious to learn more about the Lost Dogs series, I’d recommend checking the About page, here.

You’ll also find the first Introduction chapter, for Lost Dogs #1: Last Fight of the Old Houndhere.

If you’re already sold and just want to start reading, I’d recommend picking up Lost Dogs: Betrayals. It’s an omnibus edition, containing the first five books in the series, and it’s available here.

Finally, if you do check out the book, please leave a review, it’s very much appreciated.


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