It’s been a few weeks since I last shared a Lost Dogs Introduction chapter. What happened is that I ran out of books. I posted eight introductions, and the ninth one hadn’t been written yet – until now.

Last night, I finished all the changes to Lost Dogs #9, and I wrote the introduction chapter. This is one I’m really quite excited about, as it explains what I believe is the most unique mechanic of the world I’ve created – soul friction.

Here goes:

Do not move too fast, or you will tear your soul asunder.

All things that are alive, and some things that aren’t, have a soul. It’s what gives a body life, gives a being sense, and makes you who you are.

It’s how a channeller pulls the aether into strands, for a weaver to wield their magic.

The aether is everywhere.

Like an atmosphere you cannot see or touch or feel. It’s what your soul breathes.

Dense as stone at the bottom of the sea. Thin as mist where the eagle soars. Calm as the passing of decades in the north, raging like fire in the south.

It’s why there are mountains too high to climb, and why you will never cross the equator.

And when you move through the world, with the wind on your face, your soul moves through the aether, like a fish in its sea. And when your eyes begin too water, your soul begins to fray. Just a little. Nothing serious. Not just yet.

It will probably heal.

But move too fast, for too long, and it will tear your soul asunder.

Drain your body of life.

Rob your being of sense.

Unmake who you were.

For once it really breaks, not even the gods can mend a broken soul.

So move at a leisurely pace, or this life will be your last, whether you’re the reincarnating kind or not.

And if you need to travel far at speed, make sure you’re locked to a grounded path, like a train to its rails, or fly above the clouds, where the aether is thin and the friction less cruel.

This time around, I don’t have any bonus content to share. Sure, the book is written, but it’s not yet out, and this is as much as I’m willing to show before it’s released.

That said, if you’re curious about checking out the story, I’d suggest starting with the first in the series, Last Fight of the Old Hound. If you’re reading this on the day I’m posting it, the book is free to download on Amazon.

You’ll also find the first Introduction chapter for that book here.

If book #1 is no longer free, but you’re still interested in the story, I’d recommend picking up Lost Dogs: Betrayals. It’s an omnibus edition, containing the first five books in the series, and it’s available here.

Finally, if you do check out one of my books, please leave a review, it’d be very much appreciated.

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