The world of the Lost Dogs series is not entirely unlike the real world of today, but it’s also not unlike the imaginary worlds found in fantasy stories. It’s a mix of the two – sort of.

There are elves and dragons, computers and cellphones. Magic and technology.

This world began as an attempt to answer the following question:

What would happen if a typical fantasy world didn’t get stuck in some kind of pseudo-medieval era, but continued to evolve and develop until it caught up with the real world of today?

In this world, you’ll find a lot of the things you’d expect to find in a fantasy story. Elves, dwarves, and humans. Short folk with hairy feet who dream of moving out of the suburbs and live in a burrow in a hillside.

You’ll find mages and shamans, wielding the power of the aether and the spirits. You’ll find priests and paladins, invoking the will of the gods or performing miracles in their own right. Where the light of the neon signs don’t reach, there are flying luminous jellyfish to bring a little brightness and colour to the night.

It’s a wondrous world, but also mundane.

There are delays on the subway. There are office jobs and fast food chains. There’s bureaucracy and red tape, blockbuster movies and fashion magazines. There’s the latest fad diet to make you slim as an elf but without the creepy ears and eyes.

It’s a modern day fantasy world, and while it may not be a very good answer to the question that originally spawned it, it’s a great place for stories and adventure.