The story of Lost Dogs is told through a series of novellas. Short books that won’t take more than an evening or two to get through. The kind of book you can read instead of watching a movie.

However, the books are not like movies, but rather like the episodes of a tv series. Each episode contains a story of its own, but is also part of a bigger picture. Some of the books are stand-alone stories, while others will be part of story arcs spanning several books.

Fair warning: there will be cliffhangers.

In total, the series is made up of 20 19 novellas, three eight of which are already available for purchase, and with the next three in varying stages of completion.

Below are some of the characters you’ll meet throughout the story:


Books #1, #2, #5, and #8

Roy van Waldenberger is tired of life in the limelight. For over a decade he’s fought at the highest level of werewolf blood sports, and he can’t wait to be done with it. When he receives an unexpected message from an old friend, he decides to drop everything and leave.

Only, the shadowy syndicate who runs the wrestling circuit still needs Roy to fight in the finals, and they’ll do everything in their power to keep him from leaving. There’s too much money at stake for them to play fair.


Books #3, #4, and #7

Alene Moneya wants to be a travel journalist. She dreams of finding the hidden gems of the world, and of sharing her discoveries through her writing. Rumours of a hidden temple lead her on a wild goose chase through hostile jungles.

With the full moon just a few nights away, Alene finds herself stuck in a dead-end dump of a town. A stranger to the area, she needs to find a safe place to shift for the night when the beast within her takes over.

There’s a local pack of werewolves that could take her in, but they’re a nasty bunch, and they don’t welcome outsiders. It’s a bad idea, but it’s her only chance.


Book #6

Paivi Riveniemi owns and runs a pub. It’s a hard life, but it’s hers, and she wants nothing else – except maybe a vacation once in a while.

One late evening, someone she thought she’d never see again steps in through the door. Within the span of a few heart beats, the very foundations of her life crumble into dust. Everything changes, and nothing will ever be quite the same again.