This page contains various maps of the world where the Lost Dogs series takes place. These maps are drawn at different times, and using different tools. The maps are shown with the most recent at the top, and the oldest at the bottom.

This map was meant to appear in Lost Dogs #7: Three Howls in the Evening. However, I decided it wasn’t good enough so I took it out just before the book went live.
  1. Marskbottn
  2. Marskhattn
  3. Varsburg
  4. Lil Eddy

The Marsk is the name of the ridge that separates the Midlands Union from the south.

The dotted lines are railroad tracks.

Map created in Wonderdraft and edited in Gimp.

This map appears in Betrayals – the omnibus of the first five books in the Lost Dogs series.
  1. Tin Jian
  2. Knysvian
  3. Guapatrask
  4. Neubirk
  5. Komost
  6. Kul Viller

UPRYF is short for United People’s Republic of Yggdras and Fuurland.

The western border of the Midlands Union is not included as that part of the Snaggfell mountain range is too inaccessible to be reliably surveyed.

Map created in Wonderdraft. Text and numbers added in Gimp.

Lost Dogs Map 1

This map was also created in Wonderdraft, and it’s not been modified or edited with any other software. It was created in late 2018 after one of my test readers asked for a map of the world.

The mountains and other little details unfortunately give an incorrect impression of the scale of the world. I am by no means a geographer, if that’s even a word, but for the sake of simplicity, consider that the surface of this planet is about twice the size of Earth. I’m sure this has a whole lot of interesting implications for gravity and physics and what not, but let’s disregard that and say the magic inherent in the world takes care of it.

The story is about the characters, not the physics.


This map was created in 2015 using Adobe Illustrator. Let’s not talk about this map.


This map was created in 2011 using Campaign Cartographer. The software is a powerful CAD-based map making tool, but unfortunately it’s a little bit too complicated for what I was able to handle at the time. I still have the license, and may very well revisit it at some point, but for now, I’m getting acceptable results with Wonderdraft.

Worth noting is that, so far, this is the only map showing both the northern and the southern hemispheres. All previous maps only show the northern.


This is a map of the Kingdom of Viller, and it’s also created using Campaign Cartographer.

The city of Kul Viller is where Roy, Toini, and Paivi were born and grew up, and where Paivi still lives. It’s marked with a 6 on the map in the Betrayals book.

As an aside, my debut novella, Emma’s Story, takes place in the East Hemsfil Anetacht, somewhere near the lower right corner of this map.