This is an omnibus edition containing the first five books in the series. You can purchase it here:

Betrayals: Lost Dogs 1-5

Lost Dogs Betrayals Cover a7Alene Moneya dreams of being a journalist. Travel the world and write about exotic places.
Young, eager, and naïve, a false lead sees her stranded in a dead end town just in time for the full moon. To avoid her mad inner beast going on a murderous rampage, Alene must convince the local werewolf pack to take her in. 
They’re a nasty bunch, and they don’t like outsiders, but they’re willing to accept her anyway – for a price.

Roy van Waldenberger built his life on a lie, and he never even knew.
Now, with his career drawing to a triumphant close, a few short words on the phone sets his entire world crumbling. Without a second thought, he drops everything and leaves. 
Fame, fortune, girlfriend – everything. 
Nothing will stop him from making right the mistake that’s cast a shadow on his life for the past sixteen years.

…when you’re the most famous fighter in the history of werewolf blood sports, getting away is not that easy. 
Not when you’ve got one more match to go.

Roy and Alene.
On the run from the mob, the law, and the past.
Two proud and stubborn individuals, trying to keep their acts together while their lives are falling apart around them. One of them on a quest for love and redemption. The other trying to hold on to her humanity while chasing the scoop of a lifetime.

Lost Dogs is a modern-day psychological fantasy series, about independence and belonging, trust and betrayal – and about sharing your life with a monster living inside your head.
You’ll love this, because you love real and relatable characters, even if they live in a magical fantasy world.

Betrayals contains the complete first major story arc of the series.