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Last Fight of the Old Hound (Lost Dogs Book 1)

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“The wolf broke free. Howling with rage it burst out of the shadows, tore into his mind, and fought to take over. It wanted out. Wanted free. Wanted blood.” 

Roy van Waldenberger, the Wolf of the North, came from nothing, rose to the top, and lived the dream. A legend in werewolf bloodsports. The meanest bastard ever to fight in the Silver Ring.

It’s been a good long run, but the time has come to throw in the towel and step out of the limelight.

One more match, and he’ll retire. Peace and quiet. A cabin by the sea. All he has to do is let the other guy win, and he’ll be set for life. Easy.

Only, it’s not just up to Roy.

When the fighting starts, and when blood turns to fire, the wolf takes over.

Even at the end of his career, there’s no one who’ll beat the Wolf of the North, and when the wolf fights, it fights to win.

To secure a future for himself, Roy needs to convince the animal inside of him to go against its very nature. To roll over. Beg for mercy. Cheat.

If he can’t, it’s not just his future on the line, but also the future of those who depend upon him. His best friend. Her family.

And then there’s the promise he made to the woman he loved…


Featured review quote:

It’s amazing how much one can empathise with Roy’s core struggle, even having no prior interest in MMA…or dogs, to that extent.