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Last Fight of the Old Hound (Lost Dogs Book 1)

Roy van Waldenberger is two people.

To the public, he’s The Wolf of the North – infamous celebrity prize fighter.
To himself, and to the few people who still know him, he’s just Roy. A middle-aged man, tired of the limelight, and looking forward to retiring in peace and quiet. 
A man who ran from a broken heart, and who’s still a slave to the promise he made that day: 

No cheating. No lies.

Roy van Waldenberger is also a therianthrope.
Within a vast forest in his mind lives the wolf. It makes him stronger, faster, and tougher, and it’s slowly driving him insane. 
For every year, it becomes more difficult to control.

When the final fight of his career draws near, Roy faces a near impossible challenge. He must break the promise he made, and he must defeat his inner beast.
If he can’t, it will be the end of everything he’s fought for.

Last Fight of the Old Hound is a different kind of fantasy story. Dark, personal, and intriguing. Set in a magical world almost like our own.


Featured review quote:

I love seeing fantasy used as a way to approach real life conflicts, and the author does a superb job of this. The inner wolf is a terrific metaphor, with its instinct-driven approach to life, boundless strength, and absolute unwillingness to compromise.

Leland Lydecker