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Undeserved Second Chance (Lost Dogs Book 2)

“Do you have to follow your heart?”

Roy van Waldenberger ruined everything.
His life is falling apart, and his career is over.

He tried to defeat the wolf within himself, and failed.

That’s when a short message on the phone turns his entire world upside down.

Toini, the only woman he ever really loved, is alive – and she needs him.

It’s an easy decision.
With nothing left to lose, and without a moment of hesitation, Roy drops everything and leaves.

Buys a ticket.
Gets on a train.
Leaves his old life behind.

Free. Finally.

Only, the Syndicate won’t let him off so easily.
Roy killed their champion and made a mockery of their plans.
Now they need him to fight for them in the finals.

And Jen still has a family to look after. 
She can’t just up and leave.

Even then, it can’t be helped…
When the love of your life comes back from the dead, you go to her.


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I want to read these books slowly and savor them but that is just impossible. They draw me in and make me care so much about the characters, that the ending comes too soon. Thank goodness I still have a few more ahead to read.

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