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Undeserved Second Chance (Lost Dogs Book 2)

ld2 - revision - final smallRoy van Waldenberger ruined everything. Not just for himself, but also for his one and only friend and her family. He made a mockery of the syndicate’s carefully laid plans, and he killed a young man.

And then the gods gave him the one thing he always prayed for: Toini – she’s alive, and she needs him, but she’s at the other end of the world.

With his life and his career in ruins, Roy’s got nothing left to lose and everything to win. To leave or stay is an easy choice. 

The syndicate, however, has other plans. They still need Roy to fight in their arenas, and they’ll do everything they can to stop him from leaving, including taking his friends hostage.

Even then, it can’t be helped. 

The love of your life only comes back from the dead once, and when she does, you go to her.


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I loved this – and the first book.