This is the third part in the series. You can purchase the book here:

A Freak Among Freaks (Lost Dogs Book 3).

“If I was careful, I wouldn’t be here in the first place.”

Alene Moneya, aspiring young travel journalist, did not find the secret jungle temple her source told her about. Instead, she found herself stuck in a dead-end dump of a town, and with the full moon just two nights away.

Now she needs to find a safe place to shift and hunt or the consequences will be deadly, both for her and for whoever gets in her way.

At a dive bar at the edge of town, she finds Harold, the leader of the local pack. He’s got no interest in letting outsiders in on his territory, and unless she can pay what he asks, she’s not welcome. With no money to her name, Alene’s only option is to accept an unexpected offer to help out at the bar.

Work hard. Keep smiling. Don’t cause any trouble, and don’t start a fight. Easier said than done when everyone wants to test the limits of the new girl.

She must keep it together though, or once the moon comes around there will be no one to control the mad beast within her.