This is the fourth part in the series. You can purchase the book here:

Lost Naked Furious (Lost Dogs Book 4).

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Alene Moneya wanted to be a journalist. Travel the world and write about exotic places. Eager and naïve, she made one mistake, ended up in bad company, and got betrayed.

Now, she’s a murderer, lost in the jungle, and with no hope for the future she dreamed of – all because of the blood thirsty beast living within her mind.

Her one hope is to make her way back to town, get on a train, and escape without anyone noticing she’s still alive. A simple plan, but a difficult task. The jungle is vast, unfamiliar, and hostile, but she can’t let that stop her.

Giving up is not an option.

Just because the life she had is over, doesn’t mean she won’t fight for another one.

Featured review quote:

The attention to detail in book four is completely immersive and believable so that looking up from the pages to find myself back in the car or on the train comes as a surprise.

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