This is the fifth part in the series. You can purchase the book here:

Silver Skin (Lost Dogs Book 5).

“Why do the weirdos always sit next to me?”

Roy van Waldenberger just wants to go home. The love of his life has come back from the dead, and she needs him. He’s in a hurry, he’s on the wrong train, and he’s got no interest in company.

When a strange young woman takes the seat opposite his and starts asking questions, he’s less than thrilled.

Especially as the young woman is covered in blood after taking on the gang of therianthropes that tried to capture him, and that he wasn’t able to handle on his own. 
On top of that, she’s some kind of journalist, and she’s decided to be his sidekick.

Not gonna happen.

Only, she really did help him out when he was attacked, and she knows it.

He owes her.

When the chance comes to get rid of Alene for good, Roy’s first instinct is to go for it.
He did tell her he didn’t want anything to do with her.
He did tell her he wouldn’t wait.
He told her.

But weirdos are people too…