This is the sixth part in the series. You can purchase the book here:

A Break in the Clouds (Lost Dogs Book 6).

Paivi woke up with a raging hangover…

…and remembered that her sister had come back from the dead.

Sixteen years. That’s how long it’s been since Paivi got the letter saying her sister was Missing In Action.

Now, she’s back.
Or so she claims.

The woman sleeping it off on Paivi’s living room couch has next to nothing in common with the sister she remembers. Sixteen years is a long time, and it changes a person – inside and out.

It’s hard to believe it’s really her.

But the eyes don’t lie, and the stupid jokes her sister used to crack, they’re the same. 
She still likes her coffee black.
It’s definitely her, only different. 
So very different.

Toini is back, but she’s changed, and she won’t stay long.
There is something she must do, and she can’t let things like family and friends get in her way. 
Maybe it would have been better if she hadn’t come back at all?

A Break in the Clouds is the sixth book in the Lost Dogs series. Here, for the first time, we will finally meet Paivi, and we’ll learn what’s kept Toini busy for so long.
Some questions will be answered, and new ones will be asked.