This is the seventh part in the series. You can purchase the book here:

Three Howls in the Evening (Lost Dogs #7).

It’s a perfectly ordinary little town…

…and it’s out of the way, and no one has any reason to go there.

Roy van Waldenberger is a wanted man. For reasons he won’t reveal, Roy won’t be able to pass through the border controls into the Midlands Union. Much as he hates to admit it, he needs Alene’s help.
She’ll grab his things and enter the union the normal way, while Roy himself turns into a wolf and sneaks across in secret.

From a map, they pick a small town just past the border to meet up. 
Quiet, and out of the way. Peaceful. 
Alene can get some much needed time to relax and take it easy.

At least, that’s the plan…

Turns out something’s not quite right in Lil Eddy, and the townsfolk aren’t exactly welcoming to outsiders.
It’s a small and traditional town, and they like to keep it that way.

Alene herself doesn’t much care. She doesn’t need anyone else, and she can stand up for herself if she has to. 
What she doesn’t expect is how sitting around and waiting for Roy will affect her.

There’s a difference between alone and lonely.

…and it becomes all the more obvious in a quiet little place where no one likes a stranger.

Three Howls in the Evening is the seventh book in the Lost Dogs series. This book marks the beginning of the second major story arc. It is strongly recommended to read the previous books in the series first.